Armine Badalyan

The Necessity of Civilizational Protection of Cultural Monuments in the Context of Current Developments
in the Middle East.

The main goal of this paper is to show the trend of distraction of the cultural heritage in different countries and stipulate and push forward common ways  of saving well-known legacy of world religions. The absolute truth is that the destruction of cultural values can never be compared to physical extermination or annihilation of a whole group, but history shows that one cannot survive without another. The complete destruction of the cultural heritage leads to the disappearance of the given group from the universal memory of mankind, as well as the elimination of all traces of its subsistence Therefore we bring together the unified issues of preservation and protection such monuments as, for instance, The attacks on Muslim, Orthodox spiritual institutions and other cultural centers in Bosnia, the blast of the Buddha Statue by the Taliban, the Christian cultural heritage in the Middle East and the barbarically annihilation of Armenian cemetery of Old Jugha in Nakhichevan by state level and propose well-grounded and effective actions based on international cooperation. Since the concept of “national-cultural genocide” hasn’t been entered into the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, 9 December 1948, we believe that a certain issue should be adopted in a new international convention, the destruction of cultural values should be viewed as a crime against humanity.