Dr. Vaios Kalogrias and Dr. Stratos Dordanas

Dr. Vaios Kalogrias and Stratos Dordanas, Assistant Professor

Liman von Sanders and the German plans for the Christians in Asia Minor  during World War I

In the summer of 1915 the German Embassy in Constantinople was informed from the Greek Embassy about the Ottoman acts of repression in the regions of Aivali, Smyrna and elsewhere. In August, Dragoman Helibert Schwörber travelled to these territories and made a report on the situation, that he transmitted to the Ottoman and the Greek side. Schwörbel registered the systematic violations against the Greek element on the western coast of Asia Minor. At the same time he became witness of the deportations of Armenian civilians. But these facts did not stop him from expressing his satisfaction about the great opportunities of the German propaganda towards the Turkish people in
Asia Minor. This paper discusses the German "evacuation"-plans of the Christians in Asia Minor. Especially, on the basis of German diplomatic records, it examines the role of Otto Liman von Sanders, who has been considered and accused as an "architect" of the persecutions against the Greeks and Armenians.