Georgia Karela 

Approaching the Genocide through Literature and Art: an educational program for Primary School

The Genocide of the Greeks, the extermination of the Greek populations of East Thrace and Asia Minor by the New Turks is one of the first modern genocides. The territorial contraction of the Ottoman Empire led to the peak of Turkish nationalism and the hostile treatment of the minorities in the country. The economic prosperity of the Greeks and their successful engagement with industry and trade are additional reasons for their hostile treatment by the Turks.

The use of works of art is a teaching method used in education, since each artistic work is an expression of creativity with a great educational value. Students’ contact with art makes the learning process interesting as the student comes out of the context of a school book and approaches knowledge through other pathways. Through art, the student will acquire skills that will help him to analyze and synthesize information, express his thoughts and feelings and raise awareness of issues related to his presence in the modern world.

This paper presents a teaching approach to Genocide through literature and art for students of the Sixth grade of Primary School. The students studied the subject, discussed, noticed, argued and led to conclusions. Exploring such important issues in more active ways attracts the interest of students and leads them to conclusions about the future.