Anush Hovhannisyan, Lecturer

Institute of Oriental Studies (National Academy of Sciences, Armenia) & International. Education Center of NAS RA

Senior Research Fellow She studied Turkology at Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) State University (MA) and Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) Department of Institute of Oriental Studies, Academy of Sciences of USSR where she completed PhD candidate studies. She also has a Diploma from the Uppsala University (Sweden) Department of Peace and Conflict Resolution. Anush Hovhannisyan is a member of Editorial Board of two academic yearbooks («Turkic and Ottoman Studies» and «Middle East») published by the Institute of Oriental Studies, Armenian National Academy of Sciences. Anush Hovhannisyan has written more than 40 academic publications on the subject. She is the author of book “Turkey: Cultural Genocide” /in Armenian, Russian, English and French/, Yerevan 2005, co-author of the textbook “The History of the Republic of Turkey” ( Yerevan, 2014, in Armenian), “The Process of Armenians’ Wealth Seizing in Turkey” (published by ICHD in English, 2012), “The process of the Armenians’ wealth seizing in the Ottoman Empire and Kemalist Turkey” (Yerevan, 2016).

MA, Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) State University Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) Department of Institute of Oriental Studies, Academy of Sciences of USSR Uppsala University (Sweden)
Areas of Research and Teaching Specialization
History of Ottoman Empire, the Problems of Modern History and Regional Policy of Turkey, Problems of Armenian Genocide, Contemporary Armenian-Turkish Relations
Courses Taught
Yerevan State University – «Introduction to the Ottoman Turkish», «Regional policy of Turkey», «Historiography of Turkey»
International Education Center of NAS RA – «History of Ottoman Empire», «History of Turkish Republic»
Armenian, Russian, English, Turkish , Ottoman Turkish, French, German (rudimentary knowledge)