Dr. Edita Gzoyan

Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute

Dr. Edita Gzoyan is a Deputy Director at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute. She has her BA and MA from Yerevan State University, Faculty of International Relations. She completed her Ph.D. at Yerevan State University. Edita Gzoyanhas LLM from the American University of Armenia. Edita Gzoyan is an author of one manuscript and 3 dozens of articles published in international and domestic journals. She is also the recipient of several national and international research grants in the framework of which she researches the legal, gender and historical aspects of the Armenian Genocide. Dr. Gzoyan is a country editor (Armenia) of the international peer reviewed journal Central and Eastern European Review,assistant editor of Tseghaspanagitakan Handes and International Journal of Armenian Genocide Studies.