Nikolaos Misolidis, M.Phil.

Chair of Pontic Studies - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Nikolaos Misolidis is a graduate of History and Archaeology Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He obtained his Master with honors from the same department in 2013 and his dissertation handles “The demographic image of Thessaloniki Vilayet during the long 19th century (1789 – 1912)”. Currently, he is Phd Candidate in the same department and his Phd thesis is related to “The repatriation and rehabilitation of the Greek Displaced Persons from Axis Countries during the decade of 1940”. Furthermore, he is member of the Society of Macedonian Studies Research Center form 2010 and he has participated in many research projects such as “The sightseers in Macedonia 15th – 20th century” and “The Communities of Macedonians abroad in 17th to 19th century”.  He has conducted  archival research both in Greece, Great Britain and in USA namely, in Natioanal archives of United Kindom, in Rockefeller Archive Center, in Burke Library of Columbia University and in the Archive of United Nations etc. Moreover, he participated in the Organizing Committee in two international Congress: “The Salonika Front in World War I” and “3rd International Congress of Pontic Studies with the general title: “Pontus in the late Ottoman Empire (1774-1908) Society and Economy”. Additionally, he participated as scientific adviser in two major documentary series about the Modern Greek and Balkan History. Namely, the first one was produced by Greek National Television under the title “Memories of Joy – The liberation of Macedonia during the Balkan Wars” and the second was produced by Cosmote Tv under the title “1912 – 1922 The 10-year campaign of Greece”.