Uğur Peçe, Assistant Professor

History & Global Islamic Studies, Lehigh University


Department of History, Lehigh University 9 W. Packer Avenue

Bethlehem, PA 18015 uzp218@lehigh.edu (650) 739 9209 (cell)


Assistant Professor in History & Global Islamic Studies, Lehigh University, PA


Stanford University

Ph.D., History, 2016

Dissertation: Island Bonds: The Civil War in Crete and Rise of Mass Protest in the Ottoman Empire, 1895-1912

Committee: Aron Rodrigue (chair), Joel Beinin, Norman Naimark

Book manuscript in progress: Island and Empire: The Civil War in Crete and Rise of Popular Protest in the Ottoman World, 1895-1912

Oral Examination: Passed with distinction, May 2011 1st Field: Ottoman History (Aron Rodrigue)

2nd Field: Modern Middle Eastern History (Joel Beinin) 3rd Field: Islamic History (Shahzad Bashir)

4th Field: History of the Balkans (Norman Naimark)

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)

M.A., Southeast European Studies, 2008

Thesis: The Balkan Wars (1912-13): Responses from the Region and from Afar

Advisor: Thanos Veremis

Sabanci University (Turkey)

M.A., History, 2007

Thesis: Greek Ottomans in the 1908 Parliament

Advisor: S. Aksin Somel

Bogazici University (Turkey)

B.A., Economics, 2003